Police: Arrest Made in Multiple Bomb Threats to Islip Town Hall

Ronald Kellman, of Central Islip, is charged with calling in four bomb threats to Islip Town Hall over the past year.

A Central Islip man was arrested Friday for making multiple bombs threats to Islip Town Hall over the past year, police said. 

Ronald Kellman, 41, is charged with four counts of falsely reporting an incident after police say he called in threats to Town Hall from pay phones on Nov. 17, 2011 and Jan. 11, May 23 and June 12 of this year. 

In each case, Kellman "threatened that there was a bomb in the building" on Main Street in Islip, police said. 

Kellman, according to published reports, was the host of a birthday party in 2010 that turned violent, with a 17-year-old Brooklyn teenager shot and killed outside of the party in Central Islip. 

Kellman will be arraigned in First District Court in Central Islip on Saturday.

Police did not release any other information on the incident, including what motive may have been behind the threats. 


bill thurston July 28, 2012 at 11:31 AM
awww gee,..looks like somebodys not happy with the way some of these politicians are running our home town ,..holy cow what home town? looks like the only ones that can afford to live there are the city people and the politicians ( hey ,..wernt they supposed to be watching out for the little guys? ) the people who built it cant live there anymore ,.. the blue collar workers are long gone,.. the middle class are dead,..at least in this country ( did somebody say civil war? ).. you little people just dont get it,.. when the leaders screw up,.. its always policy to blame the little people it works out so well,.. for them that way,....why would anybody be upset with that I wonder? leaders are supposed to lead it aint a popularity contest,.they are the ones who have the answers and know what to do while everybody else is doing what they do,.. thats why they are calling them leaders the crap going on today is just who wants to spend enough money to get thier policys enacted by goverment moneys and who can get rich off the system welcome to hell
bill thurston July 28, 2012 at 11:46 AM
remember those immortal words of our other great leader ( and she was a woman too,.. great for the equal rights,.. and womens groups ) "Qu'ils mangent de la brioche", LET THEM EAT CAKE,.. Marie-Antoinette


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