Gas Rationing Begins Today

"Odd and even" day license plate rule is now in effect.

Only drivers with a license plate that ends in an odd number will be able to purchase gas today, Friday, November 9, as Long Island's new gas rationing system is now in effect.

The temporary policy requires gas stations in both counties to sell fuel only to drivers with vehicles bearing license plate numbers that correlate in odd/even terms with the day of the month, according to a press release from Suffolk County Executive Steve Bellone's office. 

Here are the rules:

  • Drivers with license plates ending in an even number will be able to purchase fuel only on even-numbered days and drivers with license plate numbers that end in an odd number will be able to purchase fuel only on odd-numbered days. 

  • License plates such as vanity plates that do not display numbers will be considered odd-numbered plates. 

  • Out of state plates will be subject to the same requirements.

  • This policy does not apply to commercial vehicles, taxi or limousine fleets or emergency fleets, nor does it apply to handheld gas canisters. 


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