Talk Back: Is Long Island Ready for Another Hurricane?

With the hurricane season in full swing, is our island ready to take another direct hit?

The 2012 Hurricane Season is in full swing with storm after storm developing in the warming waters of the Alantic Ocean.

Earlier this year, the National Weather Service raised its expectations for the season mid-way through in August to 14-19 named storms. With Tropical Storm Isaac taking aim at the Louisiana Delta and expected to develop into at least a Category 1 hurricane before landfall, we are reminded of our own recent expierences with tropical systems.

Last year's Hurricane/Tropical Storm Irene was the area's first direct hit from a tropical cyclone since Hurricane Bob in 1999 and and power outages Island-wide to have many recall the power of Hurricane Gloria in 1986.

LIPA to Long Island with over 500,000 losing power and many not returning to service for over a week after the storm had left. Trees were ripped from their roots and flooding along the South Shore left many homes south of Montauk Highway with feet of water surrounding them.

We want to know what you think. Is Long Island ready for another hurricane or tropical storm? What do you think would happen if a storm with the power of Hurricane Gloria came up along the coast now?

Let us know your thoughts in the comments.


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