West Islip Business Spotlight: Talking With Vicki's Vintage

Strong customer service and a personal touch are keys to success, says Vicki Luckman.

West Islip is a community that boasts many small businesses and not all are housed on Udall or Union or Higbie.

Some are home-based and this week Patch spotlights one of those: Vicki's Vintage.

We asked owner Vicki Luckman to share the background of her business and what a small business owner needs to do to be successful.

Full Name: Vicki Luckman 
Company Name : vickisvintage.net
How long in business: Started in 2005, so eight years 
Type of Business: Upcycling antique and vintage furniture and home decor

1. How did you get into your business.. what sparked the idea?
I love bring surrounded by beautiful objects with history, charm and character. Most of the time such things are out of my price range. I discovered that some paint, technique and imagination can transform a tired old tired piece of furniture into a fresh vibrant "now" piece or a romantic shabby chic addition to a room. I love to look at piece of furniture that has perhaps been spent, and see the sleeping potential. I preform CPR, breathing new life into a worthy old piece. They made furniture the right way back in the day and in the USA. 

2. What's the best thing about being a small business owner?
The best thing about being a small business owner is the relationships you create and build with your clients. You get to know their style, family and budget requirements. The personal interaction and word of mouth referrals are motivating, inspiring me to flex my creativity muscles. 

3. What's the worst part?
The worst part may be the weather factor. I like to paint outdoors. My little studio had very limited space. Also, parting with treasures you really want to keep. 

4. What does your business offer that competitors don't?
I like to think my personal touch and honed communication skills lets my clients know I truly care about what they want. The use of multimedia has taken my business to a new level. Facebook has been amazing for advertising. 

5. What's the big trend in your business today?
The big trend is the use of color. When I began painting, white  was the only color that sold. We called that "shabby chic". Now shade of blues, greens, espresso black, grays, and paprika red add that "pop" to a sleeping room. I also use a tea stain glaze to enhance an aged patina feel. Creamy whites are still ever popular. 



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