The Top West Islip News Stories to Follow in 2014

While some big issues came to a conclusion in 2013 several others are likely to stay in the spotlight in 2014.

A proposed 7-Eleven project that was not voted on in 2013 could crop up in the new year.
A proposed 7-Eleven project that was not voted on in 2013 could crop up in the new year.
With 2013 now a memory, the new year poses to be another busy news time in West Islip with several stories continuing into 2014.

Here's a look at top headlines likely to stay upfront and center.

Police are still searching for a missing Bay Shore woman who went for a walk on December 30, 2013 and has yet to return home.

The criminal prosecution of an Islip Town animal shelter worker accused of dumping a dog in a West Islip dumpster and dumping a second dog, not yet found, somewhere in Babylon will likely continue to ignite anger from animal lovers.

West Islip residents will likely be watching the luge Olympic competition given hometown teen Aidan Kelly is on the team.

While the controversial CVS project got final approval from the Islip Town Board, clearing the last hurdle to build on the La Grange Inn site, many are still wary of the traffic issues to come and the preservation of the historic building which is a key element of the town approval.

West Islip school leaders and staff unions will continue to press for changes regarding the state's Common Core as debate about the new curriculum and required state testing promises to remain a hot issue for parents, teachers and administrators. 

The school district is also hoping to get a state law repealed that would provide more state aid in 2014.

Despite a new research report revealing that the new Fire Island breach at the Old Inlet is proving beneficial to the Great South Bay, lawmakers and scientists are still at odds on whether to keep it open or close it.

Traffic and driving safety concerns along the popular roads in West Islip will continue to grab attention as a local lawmaker is intent on making roadways safer in the new year but residents aren't sure that reducing speed limits is a viable solution.

The proposal to build a 7-Eleven at a former auto body and station site could get re-booted in  2014 as the town board did not vote on the project given the applicant withdrew the project in late 2013. That paves the way to renew the effort in hopes of getting a planning board recommendation which it didn't get the first time around.

The new year brings the shuttering of King Kullen though the company says workers will be given job opportunities at other LI locations.

The new year brings hope that a fundraising effort for a local father will meet its goal. The West Islip Dad is battling stage IV Adenocarcinoma and as of mid December the fundraising had raised $3,130 toward an ultimate goal of $50,000 to help pay medical bills and other living expenses.


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