Road Rage: Potholes, Parking, Traffic ... Oh My

As Long Islanders, we all spend plenty of time–in many cases, way too much time– behind the wheel.

From traffic to potholes to parking, there are numerous road-related topics that deserve a forum for discussion.

 Enter our new open blog, Road Rage.

Know of an intersection around town that deserves a stop sign? Is there a pothole that should be filled immediately? Are you infuriated with that red-light camera ticket, even though you know you made a complete stop before making that right on red? (We believe you.) 

Get it off your chest and visit the “Road Rage” blog here, and click on the open text box under the heading to create a post.

Or, from the homepage, follow these steps:

- Sign in to your Patch. (Click “Join” if you don’t have an account yet.)

- Click the "Blogs" tab, near the top of the homepage and then locate the Road Rage blog in the left-hand column. Click on it.

- Click in the box that says, “Write a new post” and then click on “Article” at the top.

- Give your post a headline, enter the body of the story and upload your photos.

- Click “Post now.”

Beep, beep!


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