Teacher, Principal Performance Data Available to Parents

Proposed Assembly bill may restrict parent access in the future.

Parents of students in New York State can request information regarding teacher and principal Annual Professional Performance Review scores by submitting a written formal request to their school district.

The APPR score data provided is the overall composite effectiveness score (a 0-100 point score result) and the final quality rating which ranges from highly effective, effective, developing or ineffective, which is called the HEDI score.

Parents have access to their child’s teacher(s) and building principal score data and separate forms are required for each child enrolled in the district. Photo identification is required, and other identity verification may be required as determined by the district.

While the APPR data is available now, such parental access may have a short life span if a proposed Assembly bill moves forward.

Brooklyn Assemblyman James Brennan proposed a bill, AO5700, this past March which would repeal public access to the APPR score, citing confidentiality, and ensure that no teacher or principal who receives a developing rating in all three subcomponents can receive an overall rating of ineffective.

No action has yet been taken by the committee as yet, according to Assemblyman Andrew Garbarino’s office, and there is currently no Senate version or sponsor of the bill.

According to a legislative aide Brennan is now rewriting that bill, which is in the assemblyman education committee, and plans to resubmit a new bill in January.

According to the proposed bill the personnel records of a teacher or principal, including any materials or information related to a performance review, would be deemed confidential and may be disclosed only with the consent of the teacher or principal or to certain authorized public officials.


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