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Are You Psychic?

Would you like to discover your "psychic" ability? The key to get started is only one thing, 'TRUST.'

Everyone has psychic ability to some degree. You might have a keen sense of smell, or you may find you are sensitive to environments as you either "feel" comfortable or uncomfortable in them and may not logically understand why. You may "see" lights, or shadowy things in the corner of your eye that are there one moment and gone the next, or perhaps you "hear" the words in between the words when someone is talking to you. Sometimes, you just "know" what's going to happen right before it does.

Some would call these abilities supernatural or extra-sensory, but in all truth these "abilities" are normal to our true nature. We are a Spirit, and as a Spirit we are part of all that exists, seen and unseen to the human eye.  

Ponder this: If you compared the human abilitiy to hear high pitched sound to that of a dog or any other wild animal, you would find we are humanly limited. We cannot hear the pitch at which a dog can. BUT, on some level of who we are, we ARE aware of the existence of that pitch of sound and its effect on our balance. Just because we cannot hear the sound physically, doesn't mean it doesn't exist or has the ability to effect the web of life.

As a Spirit, we are always tuned into what is happening around us, and we are continually "picking up" on psychic or inspired information, but very often our focus on daily life numbs us out from acknowledging our connectedness so much so that the idea of being intuitive becomes a supernatural event. We hear, see, smell, feel know, things all the time and just brush it off like it's nothing. Usually later on one might say... "oh yeah... I had a funny feeling about that and I didn't listen to my instincts."

As a Spirit, we are boundless and free. It is only the filter of our conditioning that gets in the way of knowing how divinely connected and powerful we really are.

We are in the world with other Spirits who just happen to have a body... and for those we may not physically see, those without a body.. they are with us also. All Spirits are communicating all the time, through thought and feeling whether they have a physical body or not.

When you are focused on finding the answer to something or missing a loved one who passed on, a part of you opens up to retrieve that information, or simply accesses it, as we already know everything we will need to know right now! The truth is, there is no seperation. 

Would you like to discover your "psychic" ability? The key to get started is only one thing, "TRUST." Each and every time you get that gut feeling, or see something in the corner of your eye, hear, smell, or know something... just STOP for a moment and simply    a c k n o w l e d g e    what just happened.  TRUST that you experienced something and give that moment your acceptance without a doubt. That's it! TRUST that it happened and that it does mean something to YOU, even if you don't understand what it means just yet. 

When you begin this process you will find that you may just be experiencing many more "psychic" moments!

Let me know how it works out :-)

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claudia January 30, 2012 at 07:02 PM
Very interesting. Thanks for this information. I love saying to my husband... 'I knew you were going to say that" , but usually it's just because I've know him for 40 years. I'd love to have the upper hand and have some real psychic ability. .
Samantha Paitakis September 01, 2012 at 05:22 AM
Hi Claudia... thanks for commenting :-) Even if it's been 40 years of marriage that helps you to know that you can "read his mind" there is still a blending of energies. I would bet that you can read a lot of your family members minds.. right? I get the feeling you can pick-up quite easily on what people are thinking and probably don't talk about it much, but what you know gets confirmed for the most part, eventually. That is part of your ability. Trust it, follow your thoughts... that's all you have to do to get closer to understanding your own gift of psychic ability.


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