Speed Limit Changes Won't Help, Say West Islip Patch Readers

Better enforcement is needed, say area residents.

It seems more than a few West Islip residents aren’t very hopeful that proposed speed changes on Higbie Lane and Udall Road will slow down drivers and increase safety.

As Patch reported earlier this week, the Town of Islip Board will be setting public hearing on decreasing traffic speed in several areas of West Islip. The proposal come directly from residents’ requests, according to town documents.

But while those residents believe reducing speed from 35 to 30 or 25 to 20 along the roadways will make travel safer for both drivers and pedestrians, other residents note that without enforcement the speed changes don’t make any difference.

Reader Bryan Keahon didn’t mince words on his view: “Not a chance,” in answering the question Patch posed on its Facebook page regarding whether the speed limit changes would make a difference.

“They can enforce it all they want but it doesn't matter. These fools still speed. We need more police on the road to catch them,” wrote Jean Donovan, whose sentiments were echoed by Brian Clark.

”No, they need better enforcement by SCPD, they often turn a blind eye to traffic infractions,” he wrote.

Andy Craig doesn’t think changing the limit will be a good move and could actually present additional traffic safety issues.

“Parking the radar trailer on Higbie Lane once in a while is not enforcement. That needs to be improved, you can make the speed limit anything you want but it doesn't matter if its not followed up on. In the meantime you’re making it slower for those that do obey the limits,” he wrote.

Michael Logiudice proposes a creative solution to both the speeding issue and the vacant Lagrange Inn property that many residents have opinions about.

“How about we pass an ordinance 'horse drawn wagons only in WI, turn Lagrange Inn into a parking/horse ride center, then we can sell the manure to comities exchanges for profit to lower property taxes. No speeding, hamlet income, win,win,” he wrote.
Bill Seward December 13, 2013 at 11:03 AM
SPEED BUMPS with enough posted signage.
oldfed December 14, 2013 at 02:42 PM
Come on now, the AntiDestinationLeague has done enough damage already. Just look at the stupid solution to the Orinonco Drive problem. It took years to pave that nice road, then some soccer moms complained, and now there's an unecessary stop sign EVERY TWO BLOCKS! Change NYS law so that spoiled HS students can't race around after school until age 18, that might help. Feel good measures are meaningless...


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