Saladino, Young Face Off for NY Assembly Republican Primary

Current Assemblyman Joseph Saladino will be pitted against newcomer attorney Richard Young.

Republicans will head to the primary polls on September 13 to decide who will represent the party in the new District 9 elections later this year.

The New York State Assembly District maps were redrawn earlier this year and maneuvered most of Assemblyman Saladino's current district, 12, to within the borders of the new District 9 – which includes Babylon Village, West Babylon, West Islip, parts of North Babylon and Brightwaters, all of the barrier beaches and Nassau County's Massapequa and Massapequa Park areas.

Saladino, a Massepqua native, has been in office since March 2004 and has 23 total years of government service. He has worked on "reform, reducing taxes and restoring efficiency to State government," according to his New York State biography. He has also worked to increase the power of "Megan's Law" and created a Heroin and Prescription Drug Abuse Relief Task Force. Before becoming an assemblyman, Saladino served as a reporter and news anchor with News 12 Long Island as well as WALK, the former WYNG and WLIW.

Young, who lives in West Islip, calls himself a die-hard conservative, tea party supporter and defender of the Constitution, according to his campaign website. He is a former Suffolk County police officer and New York City Police Department Sergeant. After being seriously injured in 1988, Sgt. Young left the force to retire early. He began practicing law after earning a degree from St. John's School in 1993. He has founded his own law firm, Young & Young, Esq., in Central Islip.

Saladino recently told Anton Newspapers he was being endorsed by the Massapequa Tea Party, Rep. Peter King (R–Seaford) and the Republican, Conservative, Independence and Tax Revolt Parties of both Nassau and Suffolk Counties among other organizations. Young told Anton Newspapers he is being endorsed by the Conservative Society for Action, based out of Brightwaters.

William Bailey September 07, 2012 at 11:40 PM
Young has my vote. Enough of these career Politicians !
Walter Isaacs September 08, 2012 at 02:58 AM
Young raises serious and valid questions here. How does he align himself with taxpac/ tea party with a straight face when he himself collects a pension. A pension he earned, but now wants to deny all others. It is straight out insane. His buddy Steven Flanagan and the likes of former patch blogger Glenn Montes are out to destroy the working class, take away pensions, and otherwise penalize people who have given years of service, but they give Young not only a pass, but their support.
NY Patriot September 08, 2012 at 10:13 PM
Walter, can you explain what you are talking about? How are the members of the tea party trying to take away pensions OR penalize people who have given years of service to a specific job? REFORM is what the tea party AND all working class tax paying citizens want to see happen in NY State. I have never heard anyone in the tea party ever say a person does not deserve their pension OR they wanted it removed. Currently, an employee can "pad" their total salary by 'working overtime'. This overtime increases their salary base and the increased salary base is what the pension is based on. Yes, sometimes you need to do overtime and you should be paid for it. How about reforming the system to base all pensions on the employee's base salary instead of intentional pension spiking? People in the private sector are paying a portion of their wages into their own pensions. In NYS once you become 'vested' you no longer have to pay into your pension at all. Is this fair to the hard working class citizens of this state? While they are cutting back on their own lives, they are paying more into other people's pensions. Reform is what the Tea Party is about and we want FAIR pension reform. Which, by the way would save the taxpayers BILLIONS of dollars!
NY Patriot September 08, 2012 at 10:17 PM
Yes, heard about it and am a bit outraged. Young Seeks Investigation of Saladino’s Campaign Expenses September 5, 2012 - Richard Young, candidate for the New York State Assembly’s Ninth District, has asked Attorney General Eric Schneidemman to investigate apparent irregularities in Assemblyman Joseph Saladino’s financial disclosures. Young stated that it appears that Mr. Saladino is being reimbursed twice for the same expenses, once from his campaign account and a second time from the New York State Assembly. There appears to be a direct correlation between the number of days he spent in Albany and the amount of reimbursement he claims from his campaign account. Assemblymen are compensated for expenses related to their trips to Albany. If Mr. Saladino is in fact diverting campaign funds, this would be a violation of the laws of New York State, a breach of the public trust and an unacceptable diversion of campaign funds for personal use. “An investigation is warranted,” said Young.


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