Half of Great South Bay Reopens for Shellfishing

DEC reopens part of Great South Bay nearly a full-month after Hurricane Sandy churned up the shoreline.

The New York State Department of Environmental Conservation has reopened the Great South Bay and all tributaries to shellfishing after Hurricane Sandy caused the organization to temporarily close the area.

The emergency shellfishing closures have been in effect since Monday, October 29th, the day Hurricane Sandy made her way across our area knocking out power and bringing flood waters up to eight feet on shore.

Shellfishing was closed to protect public health, according to a release by the DEC. The areas being reopened have passed bacteriological examinations of water samples for possible contaminants.

In the Town of Babylon and Town of Islip, all areas of the Great South Bay east of Bergen Point to the State Boat Channel on Jones Island have been reopened for shellfishing as Tuesday.

Areas lying west of those areas, however, including those in the Great South Bay remain closed for shellfishing until further notice from the DEC.

More information on the closures island-wide can be found at the DEC's website.


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