County Close to Completing Work at Halls Pond Park

Nassau County hopes to have the West Hempstead park open before 9/11 for tribute.

As the 10th anniversary of 9/11 approaches, Nassau County is working diligently to finish renovations at to ensure West Hempstead residents will have access to the memorial garden nestled inside.

A spokesman for the County's Department of Public Works told Patch Tuesday that the goal is to have the park open weeks before the target date of Sept. 11.

"The majority of the 'park' improvement work has been completed," said Michael M. Martino Jr., press secretary for the Nassau County Department of Public Works.

This includes the installation of new benches, trash receptacles, lighting, a water fountain, gazebo, pond irrigation, a pedestrian bridge, new bridge railings, stamped concrete sections and a new nature trail in the northern wooded area. They have also completed repairs and refacing, and retaining of walls.

Martino said he expects pathway repaving to be completed in targeted areas this week and once finished, the construction fence can be removed, opening up the majority of the park once again. 

"In our dealings with the West Hempstead Civic Association we had a target date to have the park open by Sept. 11 in order for the group to hold their memorial events," he said.

Even though most of the park will be open to the public, work will continue in some parts. For instance, once the fence is gone, the Parks Department will go through the park to perform a major cleanup and spruce up of landscaped areas that were outside the scope of the contractor's work.

The construction of storm water improvements upstream of the main body of the pond will also remain. This work includes the installation of a storm water treatment baffle box that will reduce the amount of floating trash and debris that enters the pond from the watershed.

"This work can be carried out with the rest of the park opened," Martino added.

bubbysmom4ever August 16, 2011 at 07:09 PM
i walk past Hall's Pond twice a day, and have as of yet to see any real progress. there are never any workers there, the machines remain in the same spot day after day and the garbabge is mounting...the poor ducks and geese have taken to the streets to find safe harbour- all they find are speeding cars trying to make the traffic light on Nassau Blvd. These reckless drivers don't even stop when they hit the poor animals. Wanna make up the deficit in less than a week? Install traffic cams at both ends of Johnson Lane. If you really want to get rich quick, sit with a radar gun mid block. Nothing less than 50 mph and everyone is on their phone.
Arnold Weiner August 17, 2011 at 03:44 AM
After two years, I see a park that might be seen as a park! Why did it take so long?
Joyce Simon October 02, 2011 at 07:18 AM
I dont think enough was done. they should have paved the walkways, its still broken walking paths around the pond, couldnt they put a new layer of tar or better yet some nice bricks laid down? very disapointing!!


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