Lindenhurst Man Arrested for BWI

Suffolk Police have charged Frank Vogt, Jr., with BWI and seized his boat.

A Lindenhurst man was arrested for BWI by Suffolk Police on Saturday night.

Police said Frank Vogt, Jr., 56, was stopped near the in Town on the same night the SCPD set up its first-ever BWI Sobriety Checkpoint at a separate location on the Patchogue River in the vicinity of the Sandspit Marina in Patchogue.

Suffolk Police Highway Patrol Officer Kevin Wustenhoff, in conjunction with Marine Bureau personnel, arrested Vogt and charged him with boating while intoxicated and operating a vessel after sunset without navigation lights displayed, officials said.

His boat, a 1973 Boston Whaler, was seized due to the fact he had a prior conviction for DWI, police said.

The SCPD said Vogt is set to be arraigned on Sunday, August 26, at First District Court in Central Islip along with two other people who were arrested and charged with operating a vessel while in an intoxicated condition at the Patchogue checkpoint: , and .

Police said the checkpoint was a joint effort by the Suffolk County Marine Bureau and the Highway Patrol Bureau to enforce boating while intoxicated laws and to promote boating safety.

A total of 23 boats went through the boating while intoxicated vessel sobriety checkpoint, police noted.


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Linda August 26, 2012 at 11:35 PM
Thank God for Our Highway Patrol & Marine Police Doing A Great Job To Keep Boaters and Drivers Safe From Potential Accidents Caused By Irresponsible Drunks.
Pete Duston August 27, 2012 at 07:09 PM
Doesn't surprise me that a Lindenhurst resident was the first BWI. Go Lindy
bobby mahr August 29, 2012 at 03:01 AM
hey pete why doesnt it surprise you ? way to have community spirit i guess you dont drink at all because that would be the only way you would have the right to say anything . last time i checked if you have a glass of wine with your dinner you can be charged with DUI they cant make it zero tolerance so they make it so you cant drink at all .That being said yes this man is a friend of mine ive known him for years and they way the media is attacking him is un fair they bring up a previous DWI from 20 yrs ago ? why ? its not even on his auto insurance or his licence so why bring it up ....Furthermore at his court apperance even the judge said it has no relavence and his boat should not have been impounded one is a boat and one is a car one has nothing to do with the other so before people start to judge get all the info if i were him id be suing for putting all my personal biz out there on such forums as these
Lindy Mom August 29, 2012 at 08:21 PM
And what does that mean. What are you trying to imply here? Don't lump an entire town into what one (1) person did. Thank you.


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