DA: Heroin Dealers Indicted

Suffolk County District Attorney Thomas Spota announced in a statement the indictments of a Holtsville couple, their alleged New York City heroin supplier and 11 other defendants on drug trafficking, conspiracy and other charges, Wednesday morning in Riverhead. 

The Brooklyn-to-Suffolk County heroin ring members were to appear at 10 a.m. for arraignment before State Supreme Court Justice William Condon.

“These defendants flooded Suffolk County with tens of thousands of bags of heroin they brought here from a Brooklyn dealer, Miguel Vicente, who would prepare kilos of the drug for street sales,” Spota said.  “In fact, Vicente, to encourage repeat business and dealer loyalty, would regularly overfill the bags."

Vicente and the Suffolk County ringleaders, Kelly Mullen, 29, and her husband, Aaron Smith, 57, were indicted last week. Mullen and Smith’s Holtsville home served as the main distribution point for heroin pickups by local drug dealers from Holbrook, Oakdale, Islip, Central Islip, Ronkonkoma, Shirley and Riverhead.

“As many as five dealers a day came to this house, where five to ten children live at any given time, to pick up their heroin,” Spota said. “When we arrived with a search warrant, there were bags of heroin scattered about, including heroin left next to the crib of Mullen and Smith’s daughter.”

Exhibits at the press conference Wednesday morning were to include tens of thousands of packets of heroin bearing the stamp “HIGH OCTANE,” five ounces of powder and crack cocaine, $37,000 in cash, a $40,000 wristwatch and other jewelry seized during the execution of court-authorized search warrants from the homes and cars of the suspects.

“There’s an important distinction setting apart these the main conspirators from most of their colleagues,” Spota said. “The suppliers, Vicente, Mullen and Smith don’t use heroin.  Their addiction is to greed, a craving they satisfied by destroying the lives of other people.”

KC - Sayville April 04, 2014 at 10:55 AM
In 2007, 93% of the world’s opium supply came from Afghanistan. (Opium is the raw material for heroin supply.) Its total export value was about $4 billion, of which almost three quarters went to traffickers. About a quarter went to Afghan opium farmers.
John April 04, 2014 at 05:24 PM
@ KC - Sayville I Agree with most of what you wrote & copy and pasted except a few things. Yes Opiates are all extremely addictive to certain people who like the Euphoria they produce, while others hate the felling. Those people usually tend to prefer the felling of being sober or enjoy 'stimulants' IMO. I'm not just referring to people who abuse drugs here, I'm talking about every single teenager or adult in the world whether they have tried opiates for pain or other reasons, some peoples brain chemicals just do not produce 'Happy' Euphoria from them, and to those people Opiates are super non addictive and chances are they will never take them again in there life, not even for pain-relief unless severe or very short-term. Then there is the way higher percent of people who first try an opiate pill and there brain chemicals fill there entire body with 'Happy" Euphoria and pain relief felt like a wave. Not just Addict's. These are the people on them 5 days after dental work, to the patient on them for a few month's after surgery with a broken leg, to the chronic pain patient on them for years to the cancer patient who will take them until they beat cancer or pass away. Everyone on Opiates in pain or not in pain will tell you why they take them, The answer will always be the same, TO FELL BETTER. Whether that means kill pain, fell euphoria or not be in w.d sick, It's usually all 3 combined from patient's to addict's and from pain killers to heroin I completely disagree with your last part. Opiates slowly NOT quickly lower ones immune system & in male's also sometimes lower testosterone levels but they do not affect everyone the same way & a great deal depends on what type, how long and how much of the opiate's is used. To say they finally leaving every-one sickly, extremely thin and bony and, ultimately, dead sounds like something someone wrote that only watches TV shows and doesn't have any real life experience on what the heck there talking about. But its okay KC i can see it was another copy and paste Job not written buy you, just please do not post things that extreme unless you can stand behind them and back them up. John
John April 04, 2014 at 09:12 PM
@Susan Yes I can fill in gaps and NEW STUFF going on in the Chris Boutin case very well for you. If anyone cares has been following his case (hearings, motions, bail etc) very easily done on webcrims they would be up to date, but it appears most have not so i will bring everyone up to speed. Christopher was picked up and charges with 3 counts of a controlled sale ( Heroin ) from his driveway to alleged undercover police. Chances are these undercover police they speak of was simply a customer who got pulled over leaving the home of MR Boutin as police watched, They was given two Options. Go to jail or work with them to take down MR Boutin with hard evidence they needed and be there RAT they needed or as i will continue to reefer to him as there (CI) Aka confidential informant. Chris was booked with a 2 misdemeanor charges of possession and 3 counts of Criminal Sale of a Controlled Substance 3rd Degree schedule 1 dangerous drug. The Judge set his bail at 20k cash or 40K bond. He remained in custody. His next hearing the Judge ordered his bail set to 40k cash or 40k bond, He remained in custody. Around march 5th while Chris was still in police custody/county jail a NEW 4th felony charge, Possession of a schedule 1 dangerous drug with intent to sell and a judge ordered his bail set to 50k cash, 50k bond. It also mention's a Grand Jury in his webcrims report a more then once. From looking over the fact's in this one would come to believe another Agency that was not present during the arrest, possibly the DEA or DRUG TASK FORCE had pending charges of a past sale of heroin since new charges were added on while in custody during one of his court dates. It would also appear buy the mention of a grand jury that Chris has not accepted or most likely the prosecutor has not yet offered a plea bargain for a lighter sentence. It's extremely possible since another felony charge was added there could be more charges on-going that he does not know about yet, and this is why no plea-agreements have been made. I looked up his past criminal history in the state of NY to see if this was his first offense or not. It shows a misdemeanor arrest of Paraphernalia possession of Hypodermic syringes or needles from a few years back but does not show charges if there was any or if the case was thrown out. It looks like he is facing 8 to 15 years upstate NY, and with good behavior will be out in 5 or 6. PS as in the Boutin Case, Confidential Informant's (who only have to testify in a trial, but there name will appear on Chris's paperwork for him to see eventually ) undercover police usually is slang for it was a busted customer who used a police issued video and voice recording device placed in the car to do 3 or 4 buys. They will not tell the public, This way other dealer's do not read about all the busted customers used to put charges on drug dealers. A way to keep them out of the Loop and in the dark so to say. The same reason the words phone tap are not often printed in articles. So they think they don't use them around here. The word's you do not hear somebody does not want you to hear for a reason, This way people have no idea it happens every day to make drug bust's or else cases wont hold up in court.. All Tools, Tricks, lies and deceit used buy the police since the 70's.
John April 04, 2014 at 09:12 PM
My all time favorite. Police arrest 2 best friends for what-ever the case might be, Then put each friend in separate rooms telling one friend his buddy is talking up a storm about him, confessed its him, or about to tell us everything, So now is his last chance to do the right thing and be the only one out of two who are going home tonight when that door close's behind us, if not your friend will be the one to leave. So the one friend being pressured hard knows the game's police play so he sits there saying to himself over and over my best friend would never rat me out or Lie and say it was me (when hes not guilty). Eventually hours and hours later your starving and threw one way glass they ask your friend to move rooms and make sure he sees his best friend walk buy eating a bag of McDonald's laughing as the cops tell him a joke about someone else there. So he gets angry and when the police come back in he talks and tells all about his friend. They Won. Meanwhile all they did was tell his friend that they both are not in any trouble and each are allowed diner while they process them before both go home, and offer to pick him up some food when there done eating at McDonald's so his buddy was hungry and all he did was say yes. Meanwhile they just got his best friend to talk with this simple $6 bag of fast food diversion.
JGJR April 05, 2014 at 08:49 PM
So the long story short, two guilty drug users got played by the police, and you want us to feel bad for them??? You ARE using too much of your own product.


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