Fourth Day Without Power

Many residents are still in the dark Thursday after Sandy struck the area.

Power is slowly, but surely coming back to Long Island, however many residents in Deer Park and North Babylon are without electricity, four days after the storm.

In Deer Park, 59-percent of the hamlet's residents are without power. North Babylon is fairing much better with 25-percent of its homeowners and businesses still in the dark. 

Shortly after Sandy hit New Jersey on Monday, nearly 90-percent of Long Island was without power. By Thursday morning, that number was down to about 59-percent.

Crews began arriving Wednesday afternoon to help the Long Island Power Authority restore service to customers still without it.

The company's restoration estimate of seven to 10 days has not changed, chief operating officer Michael Hervey said, though the speed of the restoration will depend - in part - on the number of personnel LIPA can deploy.

Hervey said certain locations take priority, including the 18 hospitals on Long Island that lost power, as well as water and sewer facilities and emergency management centers.

An influx of personnel is expected to help in reducing the amount of time the recovery would take, he said. LIPA's current force of roughly 1,700 will be doubled in the next few days as nearly 2,000 additional workers are brought in from out of town.

Hervey said crews are working exhaustively to get power back on.

"Men and women working 16-hour shifts will continue to work 16-hour shifts until every last customer has power," he said.


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littleShamrock November 01, 2012 at 04:53 PM
Just pick up my garbage! Please???


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