West Islip Blogs of the Week: Apr. 7

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Texting and Driving Survey Says Adults are Worse Than Teens

Local blogger Ellen Webner writes in this week about a recent survey taken that shows that adults, not teenagers, might be worse when its comes to texting and driving. The poll, taken by wireless carrier AT&T, shows that more adults are admitting to having done so than even just three years ago.

"While there are many public efforts to raise the awareness of the dangers of texting while driving,  98% of commuters surveyed said they know sending a text or email while driving isn’t safe," she writes.

Breach Preachers

New blogger Rich H. is troubled by people who claim the new Fire Island breach is cleaning the bay while not raising water levels. He asks readers whether it is unreasonable to think that both things are happening at the same time.

"Isn’t at least a part of the moderating effect that a barrier beach provides lost when some of that barrier is lost?" he writes. "The south shore people who have experienced unprecedented flooding since Sandy have a right to feel skeptical when told there is NO correlation between the breach and the extreme tides."

My Thousand-Dollar Face Makeover

Blogger Jan Hickman writes in about being invited into a store to test over $1,500 worth of beauty products. Hickman, who says she dedicates much of her time these days to volunteering and not using makeup, was treated to a 1.5 hour session and gave her pros and cons on the event. One of her drawbacks?

" On a daily basis, I work with people who are in dire need of soap. Food. Infant formula. Toothpaste. Socks. What kind of insensitive moron would I have to be to spend $62 on something called Pearlescent Eye Illuminator?" she wrote. 


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