Talk Back: What Do You Think of the District's New Elementary School Boundaries?

Share your thoughts on West Islip's new elementary layout.

Parents across West Islip received news of the late last week, as letters from Superintendent Rick Simon were sent home and on the district's website.

The redrawn boundaries, which take effect July 1, have sparked a flurry of conversation among parents.

Patch is looking for your input on this issue. Are you satisfied with the new boundaries? What do you think of the district's decisions on the new layout? Tell us in the comments.

Ms Will May 02, 2012 at 01:07 AM
It is hard to accept change. But, as a lifelong resident of West Islip, they shifted us from school to school as the district grew. I attended three different elementary schools by 4th grade. Went to the high school in split session before Beach Street MS (then Jr Hi) was opened. All of us did fine and survived the changes. Then, we all met up again in the High School. The school district is not that large geographically to meet up with kids from different schools. I drove my kids to the other end of town so that they could meet with friends from other schools. Parents who are concerned: Your kids will be okay!
Wendy Regan May 02, 2012 at 03:02 PM
I had to laugh when I saw Steve Gellar's re-election ad pop-up on this particular news event. I guess he really wasn't listening to the residents of elementary school children when they complained about having to wait almost 4 months to find out which school their children would be attending. If he had actually heard the disappointment and frustration of these parents he might not have wanted his name and picture to pop-up with this particular story.
Rich May 03, 2012 at 12:03 AM
Ms Will, I don't think that anyone posting here is doubting that their children will be okay. What we are questioning is why? Why close 2 ES? Why did the BOE mislead us about the amount of the budget deficit? Why were the ES children and BOCES the only target of the "budget deficit"? Why cut only from the ES and completely spar the HS, the MS, and all sports activities? Why did the blame the budget deficit on the State when the State has restored funding twice since January? Why did they insist on the closings with the restored State funding and the relief from the MTA Payroll tax? Why did they say the class size would not increase when it will? Why did they promise to keep the Special Needs Program together but they did not honor their promise? Ms. Wills we need honest leaders who really care about all the students, even the young ES students who are truly the most vulnerable.
W.I. Mom May 03, 2012 at 01:48 AM
Change is something I believe everyone has to deal with at some point in life. When it comes to our youngest children, I really want to have faith in the people responsible for making those decisions that create change. I attended many BOE meetings where we were told that the redistricting would be done fairly and would impact not just Westbrook and Kirdahy students. We were told about a computer program that would pinpoint household by household the number of ES children (current and future) to make sure boundaries were drawn to evenly and appropriately distribute students. When I look at the new map, I don't see how this could have been done. It appears to me that while Westbrook students are being split wherever they can fit into three schools, current students from the schools remaining open have not seen much (if any) change. The section of homes west of Higbie are being hit twice by not only changing elementary, but Middle School as well. I just want to understand how things were done. I do believe that this is a burden to be shared by the entire community, not just rest firmly on the shoulders of the children of the schools that are closing. I am NOT saying that children can't adapt to these changes or maintain friendships. I just wish it seemed that after waiting to hear answers for months, I could feel that the redistricting was done as fairly as possible for all of our children.


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