Replacing the Getty Station [POLL]

What new establishment would you like to see at the Getty location?

Since last on Muncey Rd. and Udall Rd., a lot of suggestions have been passed around regarding what should be constructed at that location.

At the meeting, a majority of residents voiced their opinions against a 24-convenience store that the owners of the property (Jon Halperin, Peter Halperin and Stephen Halperin) wanted to potentially build.

Discussions on both the Patch articles and the WI Patch Facebook page have been heating up with mixed opinions on what the Getty station should be replaced with. 

Some residents, like Genevieve Cesa, is in full support of a 24-hour convenience store.  "The whole corner needs a facelift and it should start with 7-Eleven!" she said.  "You have my vote. Build it please!"

But other residents see it as a terrible fit for that part of town.

"That area is looking rundown and the late night crowd a 7-Eleven attracts would only make it worse," said resident Andrea Gebler.  "How many 7-Elevens does WI really need? The two on Union and Higbie are enough."

Longtime resident, Desiree Aiello, just wants to see something new there.  "I have lived here 42 years, right off Muncey," she said.  "Anything is better than whats there now..."

Compiled below are a list of suggestions taken off of article and Facebook comments on potential replacements.  Please take a second to vote on what you think is the fit for West Islip.

Editor's note: All the poll options were suggestions made by residents.

Chris F October 17, 2011 at 07:21 PM
I agree with the others, if 7-11 is the only business that is interested in that spot then let them go in there. West Islip needs to end it's hostility to chains and big businesses; these places generate alot of revenue which in turn will lower the property taxes on residents.
Arleen October 17, 2011 at 09:16 PM
Peace of Cake and Chris F - Without being specific, where in the proximity of Udall and Muncey do you live? Do you rent or do you own? The Halperins say that no petroleum company is interested. How do we verify that on our own? Limited parking has been mentioned - if there is not enough parking for a bakery or a coffee shop, how can there be enough parking for a 7-11? You also mentioned that there are no schools near the property; it seems that you don't live near here and won't be affected by a busy establishment on this property. FYI, there are four active schools within one quarter of a mile of this property. The discussion of ”riff-raff" hanging out on the property was brought up and I agree that PARENTS ARE RESPONSIBLE TO CURFEW THEIR CHILDREN as I do my 17-year-old son. However, West Islip no longer has anyplace for the kids to go on their own. We did have Captree Bowling on the present site of King Kullen on Union Boulevard; and a duplex movie theater where the Wine and Liquors is now, also on Union. Also, 7-11 is not a US company; 7-Eleven is part of an international chain of convenience stores operating under Seven-Eleven Japan Co. Ltd, which in turn is owned by Seven & I Holdings Co. of Japan (Wikipedia). (cont'd)
Arleen October 17, 2011 at 09:18 PM
West Islip Mom says that a Dunkin Donuts would be okay, and I have no problem with that as long as it is a drive-thru and not a hangout, or a drive-thru Starbucks. Do we want a McDonald's that would constantly give off grease smoke and odors day and night? Also, the traffic at that intersection is already a problem. As far as pedestrian safety, eastbound traffic on Hunter turning right onto Udall southbound rarely stops at the light for the No Turn On Red sign which is active from 7AM to 6PM. Chris F says that the installation of a big business or chain store will lower our taxes. I have lived here 46 of my 50 years within 0.5 miles of the Getty property. I have also lived within 0.25 miles of what is now Atlantic Nissan Superstore, Bob's Stores, and a McDonald's all together on Sunrise Highway. We know that Bob's and McDonald's are large US chain businesses, and NEVER have I seen our taxes lowered when these businesses came to town. This 150' x 125' (or so) Getty lot won't make any difference, either. (cont'd)
Arleen October 17, 2011 at 09:18 PM
Again, who should decide the purpose of this property but the potentially most-affected residents nearest to it? When Hamilton Place was closed off and Martin Drive was made one-way, the purpose was to protect the residents in that area. Somehow, Martin Drive has once again been opened to two-way traffic, which allows Atlantic employees to test drive their cars down Martin and Hamilton and North Monroe at high rates of speed, not protecting ANY residents. Who polled those residents to agree to re-open Martin as a two-way street? No one that I know who lives in that neighborhood was polled. So again I ask Peace of Cake and Chris F, what is your proximity to Muncey and Udall, and what is your stake in the safety of your children and property? No one was polled at the time that Good Samaritan Hospital Medical Center moved their Emergency Room from their private drive (built solely for that purpose) to a public and residential street. My in-laws lived in that area and were significantly impacted by that. Their lawyer found that this moving of the ER was in complete violation of Islip Town Code but that didn't stop anyone. And as big as that business is, remember that the hospital property runs all the way to the bay from Montauk Highway, and the hospital and the St. John's High School Property are owned by the Catholic Church - which pays no taxes on their properties throughout this town since they are charitable non-profit businesses. (cont'd)
Arleen October 17, 2011 at 09:19 PM
Probably a business with very limited hours of operation would be the best answer at Getty, but which one? A fill-only gas station, but then what about the HAZMAT issue? A miniature 7-11 that can be really open only from 7 AM to 11 PM to avoid traffic all night, and drive-thru only? Or any business (a mini-mart, a Dunkin Donuts, a Dairy Barn) with only drive-thru access? One solution for that again is to allow the nearest homeowners (no renters) vote on a distance and point system: if you live within 0 to 200 feet of center of the Getty property, your household votes get a multiplier of 100. 201 to 400 feet get a multiplier of 90, etc. up to between a quarter and half a mile from the site, so that if you only pass through you don't (and shouldn't) have a say. No one outside of this range would be affected by the outcome of any business on the Getty property. Thank you!
Marianne Bowden October 17, 2011 at 10:01 PM
I own my house and I have lived on Udall Road for 18yrs and West Islip all my life. I am just curious - you would rather have the lot sit empty the way it is over having a new 7-11? There are NO OTHER OFFERS. And BTW it was an eyesore when it was Getty gas. I lived in this area my entire life and I never once got gas there because of the way it looked.
Arleen October 17, 2011 at 11:20 PM
My gut reaction is that personal safety overcomes eyesore. As far as I understand, children at least as far east as Pine and Fifth (off of Muncey) and children south of Muncey have to walk through this busy intersection, which has no crossing guards that I have seen, because there are no other cut-throughs to Udall Road Middle School. Many kids will walk to school through that intersection as early as 7AM for pre-school activities at the same as most people are rushing to get to work and grabbing their coffee, then racing out of that lot (like at the other 7-11’s on Higbie and on Union), and through this busy children's pedestrian traffic. There are no crossing guards stationed there. I’ve mentioned that very few cars obey the No Turn On Red signs there. A business like this is the worst business model for the safety of children going to and from four active schools within a quarter mile of this property during rush hour, and with no crossing guards on this intersection. (cont’d.)
Arleen October 17, 2011 at 11:20 PM
In fact, when my 23-year-old son attended Udall Road Middle School a few years ago, a car was backing quickly and carelessly on a weekday morning onto Udall Road out of the small strip where the deli and Chinese restaurant are now on the northeast corner of the intersection, and it backed over a pedestrian child on his way to school. Both of his legs were broken, and he was out of school for six months. How will a 7-11 and its identical type of fast transient traffic at that same intersection not increase this threat? Another problem there is the high transient automobile traffic of a 7-11 which brings higher possibility of child abduction or molestation in combination with the high foot traffic to the schools. What about a small professional building on the property? That business model would be far less threatening and transient to the children. Look at 1555 Sunrise Highway in Bay Shore for an example. It’s a compact strip of office space rented out to professionals. (cont’d.)
Arleen October 17, 2011 at 11:20 PM
There was once a Texaco where the bagel shop, hair stylist, and cleaners across from Getty which made way for that attractive and clean small strip. One on the Getty site might serve more local residents, more so than a transient 7-11 might. And I can tell you firsthand about the flying garbage that used to come from the Korvettes / Hampton’s / A&P / WEO / Hammerhead’s, where Atlantic and Bob’s Stores are now. A 7-11, although smaller, would be no better to the numerous homes in immediate proximity to the Getty site as those big traffic- and garbage-generating businesses on Sunrise Highway were to us. Thanks!
Kellyann October 17, 2011 at 11:37 PM
We need a 7-11 on this side and if they want to be in business there I say yes sir! All people are concerned with in this town is that the hospital doesn't pat taxes. Move on and let's worry about our town and all the empty businesses up and down the main corridor. The WI Patch reports about the criminal activity taking place in West Islip I don't see anyone outraged about that. I don't want that building boarded up forever! Let 7-11 move in
Kay October 17, 2011 at 11:51 PM
I didn't ever get gas there because he was always about 25 cents higher than everyone else. But the repair shop (Two Brothers, a separate company) was great. Let's get professionals in here, not coffee cups all over the street next to the kids with the broken legs or worse. I live close enough to this site and I agree with the weighted vote and the "proximity to the site takes priority over posers" idea.
Kay October 17, 2011 at 11:58 PM
I can already count the roaches of both varieties. Did I mention 7-11 sells rolling papers?
Arleen October 18, 2011 at 12:10 AM
Yes Kellyann, I agree the crime in West Islip is probably higher than we see and I thank the Patch for reporting it since Newsday can't ever say anything bad about West Islip, but out of the 7 pages that I wrote earlier, the only thing you got out of it was that the hospital doesn't pay taxes? I hope you don't miss the real threat of 7-11. Do you live near the area in question?
elaine santaniello October 18, 2011 at 12:24 AM
It is my understanding that any doctors office that is located in West Islip does not pay any taxes either. If they are affiliated with Good Sam they pay nothing.
Sal October 18, 2011 at 02:32 AM
Some people need to understand that unfortunately what you want is not what you are going to get. Yes we would all love for it be some lovely bakery, financial, or medical establishment. Unfortunately no business sees it economically feasible to locate themselves there, so we have to settle with 7-11. I would rather have it as a 7-11 then continue to have to drive by it and just see a boarded up waste of space. Also Arleen what does 7-11 being a foreign held company have to do with anything at all in this conversation? So mainly you're saying because of some poor decisions by there upper management which caused them to be bought out we should no longer do business with them? They pay there taxes just the same, but if that's the case I hope you don't own anything foreign like a car or electronics. In response to the safety of the area that intersection may be dangerous but is in no way even comparable to the Higbie Lane, Union Blvd intersection. And if the town can make that intersection work with all the business and a 7-11 one can work up north. You reference crossing guards, we can always petition to have them placed there, and if no one obeys the no right on red, contact the county and ask them to do a study to place Red light cameras there. I’m sure Arleen if your safety assumptions are accurate they would have no hesitation placing the cameras there
Sal October 18, 2011 at 02:36 AM
And referencing an accident that if you're son is 23, happened nearly a decade ago really doesn't give much insight onto how something will work today. The proximity vote is one of the most absurd ideas I have ever heard. On that logic then people who pay more in property taxes should have more say then someone who pays less. Or if you want that option those residents then should absorb the economic impact if the business you chose were to fail. Right now if a company is willing to come in and make something out of the decaying lot we shouldn't stand in the way. Unlike a business which is owned privately by a individual owner one owned by a corporation has a greater chance of sustaining itself through poor economic periods. Otherwise we could have a revolving door of business's there
AL October 18, 2011 at 02:41 AM
This town doesn't need another 7-11, bar, gas station, nail salon or some low-end store that will close in 6 months. Starbucks is a clean cut high end store this town needs. In addition it will create foot traffic for the other businesses! Actually probably makes more sense to put in near union and higbie.
Arleen October 18, 2011 at 03:08 AM
Sal, the reference made to the fact that 7-11 is a Japanese owned business is in response to the statement made by Peace of Cake who said, "This 7-11 would serve our community not all of LI. Some people need to think, what would you REALLY do if you owned this lot and had an opportunity to a long term lease with a major US corporation (7-11) and make money on a piece on real estate that sole purpose for you is too MAKE MONEY!" It is just a correction of something that was stated erroneously. As far the child being hit a decade ago, now it is even worse at that intersection. Again, I don't believe that many of you live near the area since no one but Marianne admitted that. Every day I go through that intersection and shake my head in wonder that there are not more accidents. I doubt the town will place the $200,000 camera systems in such a small intersection, despite the revenue I think it would generate. I guess it is a moot point what the neighborhood wants; why did the owners even bother to rent those tents to listen to the neighborhood? Ask the people living directly behind there. They have lived with the fumes from the gas station. Now they will have to deal with the rats and roaches that will be running rampant in the dumpsters 7-11 will have to place there. (cont'd)
Arleen October 18, 2011 at 03:09 AM
I like the idea of Starbucks and I don't care if they are from Singapore or Seattle (yes, they are from Seattle) but they have closed over 600 locations recently causing 12,000 layoffs. So Starbucks would probably see no potential in that property. But I believe professionals would. And professionals don't usually have dumpsters loaded with food wrappings that attract vermin. Respectfully, Arleen
kerri October 18, 2011 at 04:06 AM
People in this town to chill out with the whole kids hanging out, and whatnot... That side of west islip looks terrible, it's quite sad! In an economy like this the owners would be stupid not to take the offer! Plus they would probably make it look very cute, similar to the new ones being built
Jim October 18, 2011 at 12:10 PM
A lot of opinions but I would like some facts. For instance, what is the property zoned for? Are the current owners seeking a variance?
Peace of cake October 18, 2011 at 02:17 PM
I live on Hunter Ave. Across from OLL Church, I have lived in WI for over 40 years. I Own not only my home in WI but 2 others in this area. My children attended West Islip school, as did I.
Kay October 18, 2011 at 04:25 PM
I just came from Islip Town Hall. There are no variances currently applied for on this property (781 Udall Road), and it is subject to Islip's Business 1 zoning, which excludes the operation of gas stations according to the clerk. This zoning for a gas station was first applied for and granted on this property in the 1950's and grandfathered up to this time as it was continuously operating as a gas station since that time. All of the underground equipment has been registered with the town as having been completely removed so as to comply with the zoning code and remove any possibility of the property operating as a gas station again. You can read the pertinent zoning code here: http://ecode360.com/7705112 I will have photos of the other West Islip 7-11 solid waste disposal facilities posted later.
Lori Morello Grimaldi October 19, 2011 at 12:34 AM
no to 7-11 i live on udall road and let me tell you i see car acciident after car accident even a pedastrin getting hit.....7-11 brings all walks of life around plus people hang out there. pull up to 7-11 on higbie at 2 am and thers a crowd smoking drinking etc....i have young kids whom cant even play in thier own front yard due to traffice bring 7-ii will make an already bad situation worse.......plus WOULD YOU LIKE 7-11 A FEW HOUSES DOWN!!!!!
Chris F October 19, 2011 at 02:37 PM
So you want yet another empty lot for the next 20 years? Welcome to West Islip, the land of empty lots and empty storefronts. Someone please save these people from themselves!
Bill M October 19, 2011 at 05:20 PM
This building will be vacant for many years. The weeds will grow. It will be an eyesore. The North Carolina furniture truck will unload and sell low grade furniture on the weekends tax free. The owners will use this as a tax write off because the town of islip will not approve any application that pisses off the residents. Used cars, garbage and plywood on a building right next to a slim shady liquor store is the better alternative.
George Neubert October 20, 2011 at 01:12 PM
Jim & Kay forget Town Hall Zone codes Big money does what it wants Just look at Atlantic VW or should i say Atlantic stadium with its 24 hour spotlights. 7-11 will be on our corner next it just takes time and Political contributions to grease the wheels We really have no say. Ive heard atlantic pays no tax either does anyone know if thats true &-11 will not allow non 24 hrs
Kay October 20, 2011 at 04:38 PM
The 7-11 in Manorville has had problems with loitering day laborers for years as seen here http://www.daylaborers.org/ and here http://www.daylaborers.org/html/photos.htm. Sure, Dave Drew took these pictures back in 2004-2005, but what has changed since then? Distracted drivers and pedestrians texting (right, Sal?) for one, but the unemployment rate has DOUBLED. So do you think the potential for more of this traffic has lessened, or has it increased? http://www.infoplease.com/ipa/A0104719.html George is right that big money trumps all other "needs" we close-in residents might petition for, but I bet our "new friends" like the ones the residents in Manorville got thanks to a 7-11, have so much to offer the kids as they walk to the four active schools nearby, like the "Pixie Dust" we used to have in the paper tubes from the 5 & 10 when we were kids. Yum! Need a shave before you get to school? No problem - I'm sure someone there could loan you a razor in exchange for some lunch money and your confirmation/bar mitzvah jewelry. Think this won't happen? Check your current unemployment rates again. We’re at a reported 9.6% (for 2010). And that only counts the people who admit they are looking for work, so the rate is about half more than what you see. We really have about a 15% to 18% unemployment rate today. In 2004 it was reported to be 5.5%. More below
Kay October 20, 2011 at 04:39 PM
Kerri thinks we should all just "chill out" about our letting the kids freely roam the streets around a factor she calls "whatnot" in our "terrible" and "sad" end of town. I identified some of her “whatnot” above for her. What Kerri doesn't know about, or cares to admit, is that the 7-11 on her supposedly "happier" end of town has, on average, one kid per week picked up behind it who has OD'd on heroin. FACT. I am not saying that can't happen here; just please keep your ignorances in check before you post. This is exactly why we would need, if it were ever taken, weighted votes relative to your proximity to the property in question. I have no doubt that people who think where we live is "sad" would have no qualms ejecting their 7-11 coffee cups on my lawn on their way to or from OLL church, and flicking me with their still-lit Marlboro Red 100's cigarette butts as they come off the Manetuck soccer field. Hey, at least they could get rolling papers for the kiddies conveniently at the same time! I also think that a 7-11 would cause vacancies at the nearby bagel shop and the nearby deli. People just can’t get enough of that frozen pizza and rollerdogs, I guess. Been nice knowing you, Anthony. No thanks. Put in a four- or five-suite professional office space in there instead, please.
Dangerous Minds!! October 21, 2011 at 01:13 AM
Arleen you go girl! I have lived in W.I. for 43 yrs. This corner has always been a mess. It was never clean. This Halpern family never so much as put a flower in the ground there. I found it offensive that Halpern tells us he is $17,000 behind in taxes and that the former tenants could not afford to put tanks into the ground. I find that amazing. Where do you go and rent and then you are responsible for the taxes and the new gas tanks in the ground. The Halpern family that makes approximately $2 million a year in all their rental properties can leave that piece of property empty for all I care. The same way we got stuck on "this side of the tracks" with the home for mentally handicapped children on N.Monroe & Udall; and the home for preganant girls on 1st we will be dumped on again. I am glad this is an election year coming so we have a voice. Has anybody noticed the "different element" of people walking up Udall Road lately? Maybe if you lived on Udall and saw what was going on you'd sure have a change of mind. Why don't you speak w/some of the families that live on Udall and talk about the gangs of kids from north of Bay Shore Road coming down into our area. Do you really want to hear delivery trucks backing up with the noise that they make. Bad enough you have garbage trucks coming around at 6:40a.m. I moved out of the slums, I don't want to pay high taxes and live in the slums!


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