Reader Feedback: Kirdahy and Westbrook Tenants, Local Road Safety

Readers weigh in on hot topics across the community.

What Should Replace Kirdahy and Westbrook?

After potential tenants for the former Kirdahy and Westbrook school buildings were revealed, we asked the community what they would like to see fill in those spots.

Fifty percent of readers who voted in our poll said they would like the buildings to be leased to private schools.

Patch user Ella commented: "Rent to a private school only, as it will be what the neighborhood is use [sic] to."

As for the remaining half of voters, they were split between leasing the buildings to a sports clinic and selling the buildings altogether.

How Do We Make Local Roads Safer?

Safety is at the forefront of discussion among West Islip residents, following the tragic death of Thomas Labetti. We asked readers to share their ideas on how to improve the safety of local roads.

User JD suggested that more law enforcement is needed. "Maybe more police presence instead of parking behind the fire dept or in the church, sit at the busy spots, at high traffic times," they wrote.

On Facebook, Nanci Esposito DeLucia said pedestrians and cyclists need to practice safety as well. "We need to annoy our kids with the rules of safety and check to make sure they are following. If not.... Take the bike away."

What do you think? Tell us in the comments below.

Bill Seward October 07, 2012 at 01:01 AM
The traffic safety on the roads of udal road and higbie lane should be a three pronged effort. One Enforcement, Two traffic signals and signs and Three education. Another consideration would be speed bumps on both roads. Most importantly is the attention of the Islip traffic engineering department and the town supervisor.also, not to accept delays and excuses by these agency's for surveys etc. This was not the first fatality on these roads, lets make sure it is the last


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