Reader Feedback: Islip Tax Increase, Presidential Debate

We asked readers to weigh in on hot topics. Find out what they said.

This week's discussions focused on politics, both on a local and national level.

What Cuts Should Islip Town Make Before Raising Taxes?

We asked residents what they think the Town of Islip should consider cutting before raising taxes by as much as 65 percent.

Fifty percent of poll voters said town vehicles should be eliminated and sold off.

Behind them, thirty seven percent of voters want the town to eliminate overtime pay for one year.

Twelve percent voted to cut town council healthcare benefits, as the positions are considered part-time.

"The town has to eliminate redundancy. All departments have to be scrutinized from top to bottom," wrote Bill K.

Kevin said: "The problem is not a revenue issue (tax), the problem is one of too many expenses that have built up through the years. The lack of accountability of our elected officials to manage these expenses borders on criminal."

Do you agree with the polls? What do you think the town should cut? Tell us in the comments.


Who Won the Second Presidential Debate? Obama or Romney?

Following Tuesday's presidential debate at Hofstra University, we asked locals who they thought came out strongest.

Gov. Mitt Romney emerged on top, with fifty percent of those polled picking him as the winner of the night.

Forty one percent of voters went with President Barack Obama.

Who do you think won the second debate? Tell us below.



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