Reader Feedback: Hurricanes, Road Repaving

We asked readers to weigh in on hot topics. Here's what they had to say.

As Hurricane Isaac made landfall in Louisiana, we asked readers to weigh in on whether or not they think Long Island is prepared for a hurricane to strike.

A staggering 80 percent of voters said no way to a hurricane arriving on Long Island.

Do you agree with voters? Tell us in the comments.

One local resident officials on the decision to repave Orinoco Road and West Islip Boulevard.

Reader John Lopez had another suggestion on West Islip Patch's Facebook page: "Thats Great !! .... Now let them Repave Oak Neck Rd. (Between Montaukl Hwy. & Union Blvd.) [sic].... and Pace court right off Oak Neck Rd. Its been 40 years and they are desperately in need of it !!"

What other roads do you think should be repaved? Tell us below.

The Suffolk County Police Department announced that they would be amping up patrols throughout Labor Day weekend to crack down on DWIs and BWIs. This prompted some discussion among readers.

Cathy spoke out against the SCPD's efforts, saying: "Leave us boaters alone SCPD. 99.9% of us practice safe boating. Look somewhere else for your salaries and pension money, On another hand get a real job where you have to work for a living and have to produce. Loose the God complex you all walk around with."

Other readers, such as Rob, disagreed. "I hope you don't meet that .1% (and I think it's slightly more) on the waterway. I don't want to see anyone meet their God prematurely," he wrote.


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