Reader Feedback: Boating Regulations, Vacant Schools

We asked our readers to weigh in on a few hot topics. Find out what they said.

Should Boating Be As Regulated As Driving?

A number of serious boating accidents and mishaps in recent weeks prompted us to in New York state.

Sixty two percent of voters said that boating should be treated like driving a car, with strict tests and licenses.

Twenty two percent of voters felt that there should, at the very least, be some kind of mandatory safety course for boaters.

Fourteen percent of voters decided that such regulations are not necessary for boats.

Patch commenter Jacque said: "Before you can register a boat or watercraft, a mandatory boating course should be put in place. Also places that sell boats and watercraft should not be allowed to sell anyone a boat or watercraft without a boating course. Maybe that would help, I am not sure but it cant hurt."

Do you agree? Tell us in the comments.

Visons for Vacancies: Former Paul E. Kirdahy School

Since the elementary school shut its doors at the end of the school year, residents have voiced their opinion on who or what should occupy the building. .

WI Resident suggested some type of youth center that West Islip kids can enjoy. "I would love to see the town or organization take over and make a safe place for students to be after school and weekends. Something like a recreations center for West Islip kids," they wrote.

Patch Facebook fan Elizabeth Hanlon suggested an apartment complex.  

Kathleen Demeo had a different opinion, writing, "I would like to see our children back in that school."

Which tenants would you like to see occupy Kirdahy? Tell us below.

john July 14, 2012 at 04:11 PM
I don't think further regulation is necessary. Whenever you hear about a boat crash, it's due to blatant flouting of things people pretty much know are dangerous: drinking, overcrowding, etc. Unless the county is willing to fund a "boat police" kind of thing, nothing is going to change irresponsible behavior.


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