On Secretary Clinton Visit to Middle East

Rep. McCarthy issues statement on Secretary of State Clinton’s visit to Israel and Egypt.

Before Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s visit to Jerusalem, Ramallah and Cairo the U.S. should not shy from its support for peace and its support for Israel today.

I wish Secretary of State Clinton a safe and productive trip to the Middle East today and urge her to strongly reinforce our nation’s support for Israel’s right to defend itself from terrorist attacks against its civilians.

The fact is that the recent escalations in conflict at the Israeli border stem from Hamas’s rocketfire into civilians areas and Hamas must stop for the fighting to stop. Our nation would never stand for attacks targeting our civilians or soldiers and we must support Israel fully in its current state of crisis.

In times of conflict like this you must stand firm behind your beliefs and with your allies – the responsibility for the current state of fighting lies squarely with the terrorist organization Hamas and the U.S. should not shy from its support for peace and its support for Israel today.

Carolyn McCarthy is the representative of New York’s Fourth Congressional District. She was first elected in 1996.

tj November 24, 2012 at 08:06 PM
Any support for the middle east just sets back America,...what is so hard to understand people....There is no religious freedom in those countries.... if someones wanted to build a church or temple, it would be burned and possible harm could come to ones family..... do people in America not register that.... what about women rights people??? Even human rights??? they are non existent and go against everything what the United States of America stands for...imagine a women protesting the right for Muslims to build a mosque in NYC.....that shows how sick or naive the American public is today....We are almost to the point where the general dumb public should not be allowed on a jury or even vote for that matter....


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