Did Losing West Islip School’s Winter Break Mess With Your Plans This Week?

To make up for days lost during Hurricane Sandy, students went back to school on Tuesday.

Because of school days lost due to Hurricane Sandy in West Islip instead of sleeping in for winter recess kids are hitting the books this week. Even though the calendar called for a week long vacation, students returned to class on Tuesday.

How did this affect your vacation schedule? Do you miss having your kids home this week?

We initially asked on Facebook what people thought. Here is some of what they told us.

Toni Ann F: I miss having them home this week. But things happen. It is what it is.

Genevieve Cesa: Working parents don't miss scrambling for babysitting.

Marianne Pizzo Bowden: I would rather have the days made up with the Winter Break than the Spring Break.

Katie Epp Camerino: I miss not having my daughter home with me every day that she's at school...So I guess, yes, I miss that she has to go to school this week. We did make the three day weekend as fun as possible for all of us though...And I guess if she does have to go to school, then I'm glad that she's in the class that she's in with the BEST Kindergarten teacher that anyone could ever ask for!

Kimberly Jacobs: Wish they were home:(

Jacqueline Hartman: Glad they went, they miss far too much schooling as it is. A week here, a week there, summer vacation, way too much. If I had my way, I would have school year round.

Continue the conversation here. Tell us if you altered your travel plans or is it a relief that the kids are back to school?


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