Reader Feedback: BWI Suspect Charged with Vehicular Manslaughter, Rising Gas Prices

We asked readers to weigh in on hot topics. See what they had to say.

Rising Gas Prices

As prices as the pump are rising over night, we asked readers to its affecting their daily life.

Sixty six percent of poll voters said they're angry about the spike in prices, and are now cutting back on their fuel use.

The remaining thirty three percent said they're unhappy with the price, but so far it's not affecting how much they drive.

What's your opinion? Tell us in the comments.

BWI Suspect In Fatal Boat Crash Charged with Vehicular Homicide

A Dix Hills man was charged with aggravated vehicular homicide in a boating collision after he was indicted Wednesday following a in June.

Brian Andreski, 27, pleaded not guilty to the in Suffolk County Criminal Court in Riverhead. He faces additional charges related to the June 23 crash that killed Christopher Mannino including manslaughter, boating while intoxicated, tax fraud and forgery.

The indictment has sparked many conversations within the community, from both parties.

A user by the name of "Friend" expressed symptahy for all involved in the crash, writing: "I feel horrible for what had happened. My heart goes out to the mannino family. I know Brian personally & I can tell you he wouldn't intentionally hurt anyone, he's a great person who made a horrible horrible mistake that killed someone. I know people will jump all over this statement but its true. I'm sorry for all parties involved. God bless the Mannino Family." 

Facebook user Joseph DeGennaro wrote: "I hope this incident will make boaters realize the dangers, and consequences of boating while impaired."


THE REAL TRUTH September 15, 2012 at 04:30 PM
Brian made more than just a horrible mistake. If he's such a great person why is he also facing tax fraud and forgery charges besides all the other charges involving Chris??? Doesn't sound like a great person 2 me. He's a sneak and a killer.. I say killer because he killed a great man while heavily intoxicated and under the influence of drugs. He deserves 2 spend the rest of his life behind bars where he can no longer hurt or kill others. He did this 2 himself n now he has 2 suffer the consequences 2 the fullest extent. JUSTICE FOR CHRISTOPHER MANNINO!!!!!
seth September 16, 2012 at 03:40 AM
To the last comment I say, listen drama queen it takes more key strokes to use 2 than to. In addition tax evasion makes him a good guy. As to the BWI charge, if convicted he should receive punishment. As to your outrage, it is unnecessary given the obviously outrageous act of indifference towards the lives of others. Your phoney outrage and grammer for emotive effect cheapens the loss and tragedy.
THE REAL TRUTH September 17, 2012 at 07:42 PM
Eddy September 17, 2012 at 11:22 PM
Seth, you're an imbocile. Tax evasion makes him a "good guy" ? Really ? I hope you don't have any children to teach your idiocy to ! And btw , grammer as you wrote it, is actually spelled GRAMMAR ! LMFAO !


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