Frustrations Mount as Roads Remain Messy Days After Storm

West Islip residents sound off on road conditions following this weekend's storm.

Fed up by the Town of Islip's inability to quickly clear roads in the days following Friday's blizzard, a number of West Islip residents have taken to social media to voice their frustration.

On Monday, residents said they were still dealing with hazardous road conditions, especially when it came to buses transporting kids to and from school.

"Roads are still so dangerous," said Jacqueline Hartman. "School buses had a treacherous ride today...children's safety was compromised."

Some chose to avoid roads altogether Monday.

Nina Candiloro Schmidt said: "Stayed in my home today. Someone got stuck in the snowy, icy slush right in front of my house!"

Snow Removal: How Did Islip Do?

As days went on without a plow in sight, tempers flared.

"I just find myself questioning why we live here and pay some of the highest taxes in the nation if they can't even clean up snow after a storm," wrote one Patch reader. "It's 3 days later and have yet to see a plow. So glad to work this hard and have money taken away for NOTHING."

Some residents said the economy, not town or county employees, were to blame for the slow repsonse.

"Retirements and lay offs, no filling of vacancies, just like the county and all the other townships. Suffolk County laid off DPW workers-you know, the guys who repair and drive the plows," said Lori Brown Grimaldi. "Everyone likes the cost cutting measures, but not the consequences."

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 Appalling, they should ashamed of themselves....roads are still so dangerous. School buses had a treacherous ride today, even with the delay...delay for what??? children's safety was compromised. (monday)


Reader:  (tues)

West Islip resdeint: (Tues)

Today is Tuesday and the town finally decided to plow my neighborhood- just one problem we have a few elderly people on the block who are snowbirds and except for their driveway and a path up their walkway (for any mail or any other reason) the snow was still there and was pushed in front of all our homes leaving us to shovel again and now the snow is much harder.

Ultimate Conservative February 13, 2013 at 11:42 AM
If you have a complaint about the lack of snow removal in the Town of Islip, go to this link and be heard. http://www.townofislip-ny.gov/index.php?option=com_form&form_id=6
DJDorfman February 13, 2013 at 03:20 PM
It is disheartening to hear that South of Sunrise didn't look like it snowed and North looked like it was never plowed. Udall and the side streets; were incredibly dangerous and jeopardize the safety of our children, bus drivers, teachers and all the hard working taxpayers. I fell quite hard on Van Buren when I went to take my kids to play in the snow. I hit my head on the ice as well as my shoulder and the right side of my body so hard that a neighbor came form his house because he heard me fall. I am only thankful it was not one of my children. A sand truck went by prior, but didn't plow or drop sand. Monday after the school rush is when the plows came-why? The rain washed away much of the snow in the street. Up and down Udall 10 times before 2:30. There was nothing to plow except the pavement-which now we will have to pay to repair. Hunter was a nightmare. Van Buren was still so dangerous, if was like driving off road. Why not plow the side streets to school? Why didn't they plow BEFORE the Monday rush? A 2 hour school delay because the town didn't do its job- how is that fair to all the families inconvenienced. We pay insane taxes, now I have to feel the pain from falling and the beating my truck took from the rollercoastered roads because the town didn't have a better game plan for a storm they knew was coming? Udall is the only drop off allowed to the MS, main access to Manetuck and Oquenock, as well as the HS bus route. Wasn't that enough to clear the roads?


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