West Islip's Lowest Fuel Prices

Cost of regular rose more than 40 cents within the last two months.

Just over two months ago---- West Islip was home to the cheapest gas prices on Long Island. 

 (located at 225 Higbie Ln & West Islip Boulevard) and (305 Union Blvd & Higbie Lane) were offering regular gas at $2.61.  Gas Stop (268 Higbie Ln. & Paumanake Avenue) was at $2.63 per gallon.  

But since then, prices have rose more than 40 cents at the aforementioned stations, according to LongIslandGasPrices.com. Valero's regular price of $3.03 is the lowest in West Islip, followed closely by Gas Stop and Delta ($3.05 per gallon). 

The good news is that both prices still fall below the Long Island average of $3.11 per gallon, and the New York average of $3.08. 

And it's only 10 cents more than the Cheapest gas on the island, which can be found at a Gulf station in New Hyde Park where regular is selling for $2.93 per gallon. 

The most expensive gas between Montauk to Manhattan?  A BP and Mobile in Brentwood are offering regular for $3.69.  With those prices, it might be worth the 15 drive to West Islip to fill your tank. 

Editor's Note: Meghan Droge, of AAA New York, provided an article describing 40 ways to save on gas.  You can read it here


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