West Islip Residents: When Will My Street Be Plowed?

Islip Town officials say plows are on third run but West Islip residents report little clearing activity.

A Town of Islip plow at work Thursday night. Photo courtesy of Islip Town.
A Town of Islip plow at work Thursday night. Photo courtesy of Islip Town.
After the snow, if there is one pressing question by many West Islip residents, it’s this: when will my street be plowed?

While the Town of Islip told Patch snow plows were making their third trek through the town’s 1,200 miles or roadways as of 7:30 a.m. Friday, many West Islip residents report no plow activity.

Kathleen Lichioveri Ramcke reported on Patch’s Facebook page that she had not heard any plows at all. “Not one all night,” she wrote. The same was true for Maureen Cunningham Lichioveri.

But Kris Koch-Walczyk  reported that “cars are passing fine here on Sandra Avenue,” but not apparently on the street Madeline Ferro lives on, or Gary Marcus.

“No one on Minerva... heard plows last night when there was no accumulation,” shared Marcus.

Kate Peters-Avella said no plows had been down west 1st Street and Marcy Reynolds Chapuisat report no plowing on Oak Neck Road, except for “my daughter's boyfriend. Thanks Danny,” she wrote on Facebook. 

Ye somewhere on Oak Neck a plowed showed up as Keith Ziziz said it was “well plowed by an outside contractor.”

Kelly Lee We said a plow had been down Raleeigh at least twice, but Hunter Avenue hadn’t seen one, wrote Nancy Rau Grazier.

Has your road been plowed? Share feedback and photos of the digout in our comments section or email photos to Judy.Mottl@patch.com.

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dangerous minds January 03, 2014 at 06:27 PM
and what streets are plowed are only big enough for 1 car going thru.
Eddy January 03, 2014 at 09:01 PM
Lol nothing will ever change glad we left
Michael Carvelas January 04, 2014 at 09:47 AM
I'm on a dead end so we're used to not being plowed until last. My problem is, why does everything else have to be plowed 3, 4, 5, or more times before they come to us and why do I see the plows racing down Montauk Hwy with the plows up and they still haven't been down our street.
Carole Kassmann January 06, 2014 at 11:52 AM
No plow activity on Everdell until about 11:30 am on Friday. Then that was it. No activity the whole weekend.
dangerous minds January 06, 2014 at 09:02 PM
does the supervisor go around and check on these trucks? i know a few years back the supervisor would be up and down the streets telling the men to make the roads wider, to make rounded corners not square corners, to lower the piles of snow they made. what happened now.


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