Meal Donations Needed for Huckstadt Family

Neighbors can donate dinners to a West Islip family whose teen son is undergoing cancer treatment.

Members of the West Islip community have set up a schedule to donate dinners to help a local family as their teen son undergoes treatment for cancer.

Chris Huckstadt, 15, has received chemotherapy treatments for Stage 4 Hogkins Lymphoma, according to messages posted on the Facebook page of Women of West Islip. His next stage of treatment includes radiation.

To help the Huckstadt family during this difficult time, a meal donation schedule has been organized online through CareCalendar.org, where individuals can register to cook dinner and drop it off on a particular night.

Currently, dinners are needed throughout the month of March and beyond.

Those looking to donate a meal to the family can register by visiting CareCalendar.org and inputting the following information:

Calendar ID : 140166
Security Code: 8518

Wendy Regan March 21, 2013 at 02:09 PM
When my son was in kindergarten at Westbrook, Chris Huckstadt was his Fifth Grade Partner. Chris played cards and board games with him, read to him and passed along worldly advice about elementary school—after all Chris was a 5th grader and had years of experience to share! So many times my son would come home from kindergarten and tell us how Chris saw him in the hall and yelled hello or would just call out his name and give him a thumbs up. Chris not only made my son feel that he was important to him but my son loved the attention he got from his kindergarten classmates when a 5th GRADER said hello to HIM! Since that time, Chris Huckstadt has graduated from Westbrook and Udall and to this day when Chris sees my son he still yells hello or just calls out my son’s name and gives him a thumbs up—and you know what? It STILL makes my son feel great. Thank you Chris. And thank you Debbie for raising him that way. You are both in our prayers.
Concerned Parent March 21, 2013 at 03:48 PM
My prayers and thoughts are with Chris and his family! From what Wendy just posted, he sounds like a wonderful kid! God Bless
Debora Huckstadt March 28, 2013 at 02:52 AM
Dear Wendy and Concerned Parent: Thank you both so much for your words!! You both brought tears to my eyes. Wendy, I remember so well your son being Chris's 5th Grade partner. What I remember most is how much my son truly loved your son and the way he idolized Chris. When Chris moved onto Udall, he still made it a point to go to your bus stop when the Westbrook bus came just to make sure your son knew .... he wasn't forgotten. Your post brought back a great memory for Chris and myself and I thank you!!


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