Islip Towns 6 million dollar error!!

Although you would never read anything negative here on the patch concerning Islip Town, we all have read about the biggest Islip Town scandal in Newsday. Under the watchful eyes of inept Islip Town department heads and officials, 50 thousand tons of Toxic waste was dumped at a park and recharge basin in Brentwood. And guess who has to pay for their error? You and I. Its not like Islips elected officials didn't know about it. They were warned  last September on the record by a former town deputy commissioner of parks. Councilman Senft  ridiculed this man and the town attorney even chimed in. Shame on these officials for ignoring the warnings and allowing a politically connected contractor to get away with this atrocity? And we end up paying for the mess. What else is new? These elected officials were asleep at the switch. They sure know how to run a great successful campaign, but they obviously can't manage a town.


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